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We believe the company’s stock is extremely undervalued trading at more than a 60% discount to our estimate of its intrinsic value.
– Evermore Global / semi-annual report / June 30, 2016,

Valuation / sum of parts


I used market value for Havas & Vivendi (and of course their Portfolio)

I derived Value of Transport & Logistic from MuddyWaters & Evermore reports – and tried not to be to aggressive/positive here.

I used the latest Debt numbers I could find (maybe they financed their last buy of 5% vivendi – from 15% to 20% – partly with debt), I have not calculated cash.

I used a conglomerate discount of 20%. As I see the holding structure with Vincent Bolloré as value-creating, I put back 16% for his capital allocation skills (~Vincent Bolloré CARG).

The market capitalisation is according to consorsbank now at 10,4 bn €.

Shares outstanding:

Outstanding number of shares through the years:

2,910,452,233   //  2016 (Dec 31st, 2016)

2,895,000,442   //   2015

2,748,147,300   //   2014

2,734,196,600   //   2013

As we can see the number of shares is higher now then it was when MuddyWater released the report. Seems like Bolloré himself didn’t agree with MW – or found something even cheaper – Vivendi?

Note: The number of shares in “Financière de l’Odet” have not changed in the same period

Note2: I didn’t found buybacks through the cross holding structure

Cross Holdings aka my margin of safety

Thus, we estimate that the true number of shares outstanding is only 42.8% of what BOL reports. – MuddyWatersResearch Feb. 2015 report.

The capital structure at Bolloré is very complicated. Honestly I don’t understand it fully but the fact that MuddyWaters have not found something bad and that Vincent Bolloré is personally invested/involved gives me some safety.

Go to the organisation chart on page 6 from this link (annual report 2015 from Financière de l’Odet.)

Bollore is owned 63,8% by Financière de l’Odet – which is owned itself 53% by Sofibol and tatadata – Bollore itself ownes 35.9% of Sofibol.

Financière V ownes 51.1% of …

From the Financière de l’Odet 2015 annual report 2015 page 107:

Sofi bol, Financière V, Omnium Bolloré The Financière de l’Odet Group directly and indirectly owns shares in Sofi bol, Financière V and Omnium Bolloré, all intermediate holding companies controlled by the Group.
Sofi bol, controlled by Vincent Bolloré, is 51.05% owned by Financière V, 35.93% owned by Bolloré and 13.01% owned by Compagnie Saint-Gabriel, itself a 99.99% subsidiary of Bolloré.
Financière V, controlled by Vincent Bolloré, is 50.31% owned by Omnium Bolloré, 22.81% owned by Compagnie du Cambodge, 10.50% owned by Financière Moncey, 10.25% owned by Bolloré, 4% owned by Société Industrielle et Financière de l’Artois, 1.68% owned by Compagnie des Tramways de Rouen and 0.45% owned by Société des Chemins de Fer et Tramways du Var et du Gard.
Omnium Bolloré, controlled by Vincent Bolloré, is 50.04% owned by Bolloré Participations, 27.92% owned by African Investment Company (controlled by Bolloré), 17.10% owned by Financière Moncey, 4.82% owned by Bolloré and 0.11% owned by Vincent Bolloré.

I have found no big changes in holdings from 2013 to 2015 report.

MuddyWaters calculated that the true number of shares outstanding is only 42.8% of what BOL reports, Evermore sees 52% of Bollorés outstanding shares as treasury stock. Eliminating this structure would cost money and I am not sure if this is just theoretical or definitely value creating for minority-owners. What puzzles me the most about that is that his fact is out for so long and the Stock still has not reached the “fair value”

Maybe/probably this structure will never be fully eliminated because it is in favour of Vincent Bolloré. I will see this as a Margin of Safety. If something goes wrong the management can unlock some value here.

Here is a 1 Year old video from Carson Block (MuddyWaters) talking about Bolloré and its cross holding structure:

Debt / debt in the cross-holding structure:

There is a bond outstanding that yields now 1,64%. The Kupon is at 2,875% and the bond is mature in 2021. The Bond-Market sees Bolloré as not that risky.

It seems that Financiere de l’Odet fully consolidates Bollore SA (As at December 31, 2015, Financière de l’Odet directly and indirectly owned 64.4% of the share capital of Bolloré).

Financiere de l’Odet has reported debt of 4,679 while Bolloré SA itselfs reports a net debt of 4,281€. Maybe there is more debt in the cross-holding structure and it is not the holy grail MuddyWaters, Evermore and I thought it is?
On the other hand I don’t calculate its holdings in Financiere de l’Odet  as Assets so if something goes wrong at them that should not effect my sum-of-parts valuation.

Weak reporting & Vincent Bolloré share owner:

One argument that speaks against Bolloré SA is their weak reporting (at least in English). The annual report of Financiere de l’Odet looks a little bit better. Honestly I am still not sure how much Capital Vincent Bolloré himself has invested in this company. Forbes estimates a 5bn € Net Worth of which I guess most is in the Bolloré-SA/Vivendi/TelecomItaly/Mediaset-universe. I have not found a report about Mr. Bolloré betraying minority shareholders.

When reading the Brief History in the report of Financiere de l’Odet, or the Part about Management in the MW-report, everything they made make a lot of sense to me – like this:

sale of the Direct 8 and Direct Star channels to the Canal+ group, against a 1.7% shareholding in Vivendi’s share capital. Acquisition of additional 2.2% shareholding in Vivendi, bringing the interest to 5%.

Bottom Line:

I like the Management and the track record of the company. The price without the cross-holdings looks fair. The cross holding structure creates a Margin of Safety for me.

I want my money partly be managed by Vincent Bolloré and I think Bolloré SA the right vehicle for that. Maybe Vivendi is also a good choice, maybe I should buy some Telecom Italy? – I plan to look at them again.
What I don’t like is the complicated capital structure which I can not understand 100% and the fact that the cross-holding structure is known for a long time and the Stock still has not reached the estimated fair value.
Since Bolloré at the moment still looks appealing to me I have initiated a position for my Portfolio which I plan to expand in the future. Maybe through more Bolloré SA, maybe through  Vivendi or something else related to Vincent Bolloré.


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